Michelle is available for your retreats to educate on a wide variety of spiritual topics as well as for mediumship, her very own sound healing technique, Musical Alchemy Activation, and Victim to Victor workshops to instruct women and men on how to release both the ancestral and personal trauma stored within their bodies.

Puerto Carrillo, Costa Rica
january 23-30th, 2023



"I was fortunate to cross paths with Michelle during a retreat I attended in Sedona, Arizona. Michelle was there to provide her sound healing & mediumship experience to the group, which were two things I have never had the opportunity to explore in my lifetime. The sound healing was something completely new to me. As the ceremony started, I laid back & before I knew it was somewhere in between sleeping and awake, similar to a lucid dream of sorts. I felt parted from myself, yet never so in touch with how my body felt once it ended.

With the experience of mediumship, it was as if Michelle knew who I was, though we had never met before. 

There were many instances in which she pointed out hyper-specific things about myself that only very few people in my life would know about me, and also things about my family & those who have passed. I felt a great deal of connection to my grandfather during the mediumship, and I felt that while she was reading for me, I was safe & able to be vulnerable to her & others in the room with my emotions & feelings towards it.

As someone who has seldom dabbled in the “shadow world,” I highly recommend Michelle as she is extremely professional in her approach, education, and making people feel welcomed & heard during her services. Michelle, I cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful and life changing experience!"


Jessica Perry

Michelle was the perfect partner to co-lead the retreat with Shannon. She gives much of herself and her own energy for her practice and her clients. Michelle is so tapped into what she does, her skills and connection feel limitless. Each person walked away with exactly what they needed to hear and know. I was especially moved and connected to the clarity she afforded me and refer back to her words often. She will help you release what you're holding on to and raise your vibration. Michelle's talent is without question, and if you have the opportunity to work with her, don't hesitate. Plus, her voice is angelic, and everyone should get to experience that!

Shannon Bills

Working with Michelle is truly a gift. Her presence is so grounding and calming and set the tone for everyone at the retreat. Her musical sound bath was so healing for me and everyone involved. Her mediumship reads blew everyone away with the specific messages she had for each person. You can’t help but think of how angelic Michelle is when you’re around her. I am so blessed to have had her be a part of my retreat and going forward, she will always be the perfect addition to all the retreats I host.


Michelle’s services are a wonderfully transformative. I’m so grateful for my recent experience with her sound bath as well as mediumship. Fear nothing, for Michelle’s warm presence and intuitive gifts leave you with a sense of peace, clarity, and serene sensations. I also had my first sound bath, and it was like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I could physically feel the moving energy. My body and mind became so relaxed. I felt incredibly grounded and present during and following the sound bath. Michelle’s work is magic! 100% recommend!



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