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at venues all across Los Angeles, including the iconic Troubadour, Hotel Cafe, and The Comedy Store. Her music is available on all streaming platforms. She is currently developing her very own movie-musical, 300 FEET TALL.

As a Musical Alchemist, Michelle
has performed

Michelle’s close childhood friend passed away. The grief transformed her and spurred a spiritual awakening. When she picked up her first deck of tarot cards, she heard the other side whisper to her, but more importantly, she felt connected to her friend. It was through the cards that she moved into channeling and then mediumship.

Michelle is certified in Mediumship by Hillary Michaels through The Los Angeles School for the Spiritual Arts, in Channeling by Tricia Carr and Crystal Anne Compton through Lightshine Spiritual Academy, in Reiki I and II by Michael Arthur Baird through The International Center for Reiki Training, and in the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl and Gong by Tara Kaur through Sedona Crystal Temple.

A few years ago...

Through her sessions, online content, and music, she uses her gifts to uplift those around her. Her intention is to help you align with your highest timeline and greatest potential while guiding you toward healing.

Michelle is a Multidimensional Medium and Musical Alchemist.

5 Things to Know

I wear my heart on my sleeve.

clothing of choice

My kitten, Willow, helps me with my musical alchemy.


I am a Ravenclaw all the way!

sorting house

I was a mermaid in a past life.

my siren "tail"

I am very cosmic and love my alien fam.

extrA(terrestrial) love

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