Chainbreaker is a transformative one-on-one weekly program focused on releasing both ancestral and personal trauma stored within the body using a variety of specialized techniques. By transmuting these imbalances and blocks, you free yourself of negative subconscious patterning and become a vibratory match for the life you've always desired.





This 12-week one-on-one Mentorship is intuitively guided by your Spirit team through mediumship to align you with your mission, activate your gifts, and attune you to higher levels of consciousness.

The Mentorship




The Sacred Container is a 4-week extension that allows for additional healing after completing the Chainbreaker program. This special add-on is for those who wish to continue deep diving into their subconscious in order to dismantle old programs and ancestral patterning.

The Sacred Container



4-week extension

- Stephen K

Just when I thought I had my life figured out, everything changed. I filed for divorce after only 8 months of marriage and found myself facing major reconstructive leg surgery all while trying to maintain a high-level of performance at my demanding job. I felt lost and I was searching for answers on why this was happening to me? It was then the Universe connected me with Michelle and I began working with her through the Victim to Victor program. Michelle has incredible gifts – among them is her ability to channel with spirit which helped me process my divorce and the health issues I was dealing with. The messages Michelle shared with me gave me great comfort that I was not only protected but that I was on the right path. In addition, Michelle’s sound baths helped me to clear the negative energy that was weighing on me. Soon after working with Michelle, I noticed a shift within myself and I could feel my body and soul begin to heal. While I don’t know where tomorrow will take me, I am now confident that everything is going to work out for the best.

"Michelle has incredible gifts."

- Kasia Pilewicz

Victim to Victor has been nothing short of a life-changing course. Michelle guided me through understanding and healing each of my chakras to get them into alignment. She empowered me to move forward and taught me how to heal these things within myself in the future as well. The information, exercises and sound healings are an intensely powerful combination. Her empathy, connection to spirit guides and musical gifts are magical. Even though I have had massive resistance come up which stalled my progress at times, she was so kind and patient and helped me get back on track. I am eternally grateful for this guided deep dive into my spiritual healing. I will absolutely continue working with Michelle to further grow in my spiritual life.

"Nothing short of a life-changing course."

- Jill Hoffman

Working with Michelle in the Victim to Victor program was nothing short of transformational. I went to her in tears and lost on how to navigate this part of my life and I came out, 8 weeks later, a new woman! Michelle's compassion and grace allowed me to open up and heal traumas that I didn't know existed. She helped me see the magic of the universe and I will be forever grateful to her for that. I would highly recommend this Victim to Victor to literally ANYONE who needs clarity, healing, and momentum forward into the next phases of their lives.

"She helped me see the magic of the universe."

- Rochalle Racine

I initially reached out to Michelle for a sound healing and mediumship because my boyfriend at the time broke up with me. It was quite sudden and I just didn’t know why to do with everything that was coming up for me. I was referred to her by a coach of mine. Our session went great and I started her new program. Both my life and me as a person has drastically started evolving since our first meeting. I’m feeling more grounded in everything. Which prior to this was a rare occurrence. I’m learning to trust my intuition which has also been huge. There have been many benefits. I’m likely not aware of them all at the time but everyday there’s a new discovery in one way or another. And every day I feel more grounded and at peace.

"Every day I feel more grounded and at peace."


Chainbreaker testimonial

- jill hoffman

Working with Michelle in her apprenticeship has been amazing! I don't think I would be as confident in my abilities as I am without her help. She has helped me understand the development process, coached me through limiting beliefs that pop up during this journey, and has given me hands-on experience so I can hit the ground running with building a healing business. If you are thinking about working with Michelle, I would highly recommend her. She has been such an important part of my journey and she will be for you too.

"Working with Michelle in her apprenticeship has been amazing!"

- Rochalle Racine

After doing the Victim to Victor sessions with Michelle, I wanted to learn how to hone my gifts and deepen my practice. I am currently taking her apprenticeship courses and just wow! She tailors it to not only what I’m gifted with (animal communication) but we also focus on other skills! It’s also brought up more for me to transmute and I’m loving the discovery and practice. Highly recommend!

"I’m loving the discovery and practice"

the mentorship testimonial

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